The Wynne Farm hosts a CRDD of USAID, a Rural Center for Sustainable Development.

The center is managed by Wynne Farm with the assistance of specialists from the University of Florida, who are promoting the use of greenhouses, drip irrigation and vertical farming, for the first time in Haiti.

The center is administered by Jean-Paul Mevs, who can be reached at (+509) 4727-2000 or

The CRDD, implemented by USAID-funded project “Feed the Future West,” serves as a demonstration and training center aiming to modernize Haitian agricultural practices by introducing improved technologies, more crop varieties and better equipment, while protecting the environment. As a result of training received at the center, to date, 423 farmers, including 152 women, have been certified.

The Project Director, Jean Robert Estimé, stressed that the lives of benefiting farmers have improved dramatically as a result of the application of new technologies.  Farmers are increasing both their production and their incomes. For example, local associations increased the production of potatoes from 10 to 25 tons per year. Michel Dorléan, President of the Association of Kenscoff Cut Flowers Producers, explained that his association will be installing five new greenhouses using its own funds.

The CRDD in Kenscoff demonstrates the U.S. Government's commitment to strengthening Haitian agriculture and sustainability, improving incomes and living conditions for Haitian farmers, and supporting the priorities of the Haitian Government to boost economic development.