With only 2% forest cover, Haiti is in desperate need of trees. 

Haiti has lost nearly all of its forests, going from 60% to less than 2% tree cover over the course of the last 80 years. Despite our government’s best efforts, our economy has been ravaged by natural disasters and hard times, making internal tree planting a challenge.

Wynne Farm has several tree nurseries, where we grow our trees. Trees planted at Wynne Farm are protected in the EcologicalReserve and have a bigger chance of survival. When grown, we plant our trees everywhere in Haiti.

Please contact us if you are interested in doing a reforestation project with us.

You can also Plant a Tree today: buy a tree from us, and we will plant it for you at Wynne Farm, and send you a Tree Certificate with the plot and tree number. Come visit Wynne Farm to see your tree(s) grow!