Project "Children in Nature"

Day Program at Wynne Farm

  • Welcome snack; popcorn + cookie + drink.
  • Talk about the importance of nature preservation, the mission of Wynne Farm.
  • 30 min. documentary about deforestation and soil erosion in Haiti.
  • Tour of Wynne Farm, including teaching of ecological farming, composting, flower production, water (drip) irrigation. With smaller children games are played.
  • Horseback riding; each child gets to ride on a horse for 1 min.
  • Visit of Rabbit Farm and (soon to come) Petting Zoo; the children can go inside and touch the animals, and learn about the animals from the caretakers.
  • Learning how to make brickets from waste paper. The brickets are used to make fire, instead of charcoal or wood.
  • Lunch: 1 big sandwich (baquette) + fresh fruit juice from the farm.
  • Yoga session for children, spiritual formation.
  • Closing ceremony and thoughts by teachers.


  • $5/person, includes food, formation, entrance and guided tour.
  • Min. 30 children + 2 teachers. Max. 60 children + 4 teachers.
  • Addition:
    • Yoga: $75
    • Transport per 30 children: $150
    • Horseback riding: $1/person

(Prices in USD)