Team Building @ Wynne Farm

Eventually, most of us grow up, find careers and settle in. Not a bad thing. But often, we also lose our ability to open up and have fun. And we actually become less effective on the job. Done right, the power of play can help – often dramatically.

Part teacher, part therapist and part yogini, with boundless energy and grace. It’s a rare combination. That’s why so many amazing companies trust us with their most valuable assets.

The program can be tailored to your needs, and may include music, entertainment, charity, culinary moments, escape games, comedy, corporate training, spiritual moments, etc.

A day of Team Building is from 9 AM - 3 PM, costs $50/person, and includes:

  • Coffee/Tea and cake

  • Program, as agreed together

  • Lunch

For more information please contact Melissa Day at (+509) 3840-8236 or

(Prices in USD)