A day spent at Wynne Farm is a time to reconnect with nature and with ourselves. 

After making a reservation, visits to the reserve can begin at Wynne Farm Home, Kenscoff 97 #5A, just off the main Kenscoff road and about a two-minute drive beyond the Kenscoff Commissariat. From this gathering point, visitors may choose to drive up to the reserve in ten minutes or hike up to the reserve, which takes about an hour. 

All tours start with a talk about our planet Earth, its biosphere and biodiversity; global and local problems of pollution, deforestation and erosion; and the need to protect the earth for future generations.

In order to develop a better relationship with the environment, we offer eco-friendly activities such as making crafts with recycled paper, dried flowers and bamboo; making crooking briquettes; composting; solar cooking; gardening; and a nature walk in the reserve. We can provide other activities depending on visitors' specific interests.

We offer activities to groups of children and adults, as well as teachers and farmers.

Teachers – Teachers can choose visits with a more educational approach. As a teaching tool they are encouraged to create a terrarium representing the Earth. (Wynne Farm has been using the same terrarium for 18 years.)

Farmers – Farmers receive different workshops in a condensed version of regular group visits. We offer several gardening practices such as soil conservation methods, composting, and plant propagation.