Our high quality Weather Station provides real-time data. It was donated by the AREA project of USAID, in cooperation with the University of Florida.

Wynne Farm uses the station mainly to collect data about rainfall and sun-hours. For a farm, rain and sun are like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

And you can now check the weather at Wynne Farm, before you drive up the mountain!


If Precip Rate = 0 mm/hr, it is dry. If Precip Rate > 0 mm/hr, it is raining.


If UV = 0 it is night. If UV < 3 it is cloudy. If UV < 5 it is partly cloudy, and UV > 5 we have blue skies. Please note light skinned people can burn quickly due to the thin air in the mountains.


Wheater Station ID: IKENSCOF3
Station Name: Kenscoff
Latitude / Longitude: N 18°26'37'', W 72°17'41''
Elevation: 5900 ft. / 1798 m.