The Wynne Farm and Earth Givers partner to help women plant trees in a small village near Kenscoff, Haiti.


Chopping organic matter to prepare compost

The Wynne Farm Ecological Reserve and Suzanne Perrit-Cravey of Earth Givers are working in collaboration on a reforestation project called “Fanm Kap Plante” or Women Who Are Planting. Fanm Kap Plante aims to bring women in Haiti together to plant and protect trees in their communities.

The project currently involves 110 women in a small remote village near Kenscoff named Nan Panyol. When the women agreed to participate in this project we asked them how we could help with some of their basic needs and their wishes were: drinking water, a reliable health clinic and education for their children.  In order to empower the women to help their community they receive workshops and seminars on organic farming and composting and are given seeds and trees to plant on the hillsides in their area.

Earlier this year we began working on providing clean water in their homes through the use of silver lining ceramic water filters which we were able to find with the help of our dear friend Jeff Rogers of Epple Seed Arts.  The water filters have proven to be very effective and the women are very thankful to have clean drinking water for their families. We plan to have one filter per family but we are still in need of filters for the women who have not yet received one.

Fanm Kap Plante is an ongoing project and we believe that these women will be able to make a difference in their community. If you would like to help us with this project, please contact us. We thank you for your interest and support.